Submission of NID/WP by our Customers

In terms of notice published in Haveeru Daily on 18th March, 2015 and announcements made here since 15th March, 2015, all our customers who are unable to transact on their accounts since 28.04.2015, are advised to submit copy of their latest national ID Card(NID - in case of Maldivian citizens) and work-permit/business visa(WP - in case of foreigners/expatriates) to the Bank immediately in order to comply with the provisions on ongoing due diligence outlined in various regulations issued by local regulator i.e. MMA.

Please note that no debit/withdrawal transactions from ATMs/Internet Banking/Over the counter in the Bank, are allowed from account(s) of customers whose valid NID/WP is not submitted to the bank. Other related services on ATMs/INB may also get affected due to aforesaid reason. 

Customers can submit a self-attested copy of the valid NID/WP in the bank in person.

Customers,who are unable to visit the Bank, can send aforesaid document by post/courier/messenger also. Further, customers can send scan copy of self-attested NID/WP through email to also. However, please note to mention account number in all cases.


Country Head & CEO