Security Tips for safe and secure ATM Banking


  • Never reveal your password (PIN) to anyone.
  • Never keep the PIN with ATM card or write on it. Always memorize it.
  • Always change your PIN regularly.
  • Never allow others to see your PIN during transactions on ATMs.
  • Never let strangers come into the ATM room or take their help to complete the transactions. Insist on swiping your card in your presence in hotels/shops/malls, etc.
  •  Hide the keypad while keying in your PIN at ATM/POS terminals. Never swipe your card at POS machines kept at unknown temporary stalls.
  • Always press ‘cancel’ button after completing the transactions.
  •  Never respond to any phone call/communication even if you consider it from SBI, seeking your Account Number, ATM Card Number, PIN or any other personal details.
  • Block and destroy your old card, when you get a new one. Please sign on the reverse of the card immediately on receipt.
  • Hotlist your card immediately on losing it by calling 00960331532/18004253800/1800112211.
  • For ATM Card related queries, please visit ‘ATM’ section under ‘Services’ tab on the Home page of  our website and/or write to