Freezing of accounts due to expiry of Work Permit/Visa Copy/National ID

In order to comply with the regulatory requirements, accounts, where work Visa is expired, are being freezed and no transactions (ATM/Remittance) are allowed. However, to mitigate hardship faced by our expatriate customers in getting renewed Work Visa in time and subsequent freezing of accounts, it has been decided to continue accepting an undertaking (letter) from their employer in the prescribed format in lieu of a copy of renewed Work Visa. All our  customers, whose a/cs are frozen due to expiry of Work Permit/ Visa Copy/National ID, are advised to submit immediately a letter as advised above, to enable us to continue transactions on their account.

  • Employer Certificate form available in Downloads


Please arrange to submit your valid work permit/visa copy/National ID at counter number 29(second floor) at the branch or mail the copy to